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01. About us

Teeth whitening without the nasties!

We were tired of seeing adverts for harsh and toxic teeth whitening, most of which contained hydrogen peroxide and bleach to whiten teeth.  We wanted to create something that effectively brightens teeth but without all the nasties.  We partnered up with dental professionals and created Whitenings Teeth Brightening Powder.

The Whitenings Team

02. Our products

Developed by dental professionals

Effective teeth whitening doesn’t have to mean harsh chemicals that are damaging to the teeth and mouth.  We have developed Whitenings with dental professionals and include natural ingredients like green tea and peppermint, instead of harsh chemicals.  The whitening or brightening process takes longer, but is a much more gentle and safe method of brightening your teeth.

03. Our Mission

to help create a confident smile!

We get a great deal of satisfaction from helping our customers become more confident and want to show of their smile.  It makes us want to smile even more.  With the dulling effects of smoking, drinking coffee and red wine on teeth it is often difficult to feel self confident about showing off our teeth.  This is why we created Whitenings Teeth Whitening Powder.

The Whitenings Team